2 thoughts on “ERGONOMIC POSTS – SEPTEMBER 1 –August 31, 2019”

  1. I currently live in Edmonton and will be making an at home office, I am currently still a newbie and getting my COHN from Macewan. Does anyone know of any good products or local resources to assess and buy ergonomonic office equipment.


    1. Hi Laura, had a colleague weigh in. Her response:

      “There’s not one vendor that I suggest for ergonomic equipment, but I do suggest that people take the time to research the features of products before purchase. At a minimum, I would suggest purchasing a height-adjustable workstation (even if you don’t think you will work in standing, you can at least ensure that you have the desk set at an appropriate height when you are sitting) and an ergonomic desk chair. I believe that even ikea carries a line of electric height-adjustable desks that are quite affordable now.

      For desk chairs, I would recommend purchasing a chair that has the following features:
      -height adjustable
      -seat slider (allows you to adjust seat depth)
      -adjustable armrests
      -adjustable lumbar support or backrest height

      UBC has a really good ergonomics website that includes some guides on how to set up your workstation:



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