5 thoughts on “HEALTH PROMOTION POSTS – SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019.”

  1. As we approach Heart Health month in February, does anyone have any suggestions of new or existing programs which they have trialed at their worksites and have had high participation and success rates? Specifically looking for ideas on activities for large number of people who do not work in the same areas.


    1. We do a step/activity challenge during the summer. It is tracked through: https://uwalk.ca/ You enter activity on a daily/weekly basis and can split into teams and/or track status for an entire work group. We’ve had pretty good participation and success with it.


      1. Thank you Brendan for the suggestion for this site! We had run a step program at another work site, and had the participants track it on a paper pamphlet, however I really like this site! I think this will go over very well!


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