5 thoughts on “MENTAL HEALTH – SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019.”

  1. Hi there, I’m very curious to hear more about OHN’s scope of practice as it relates to employee’s mental health. Do you participate in crisis support in addition to preventative/health promotion strategies? In my present role as an OHN my primary role is Mental Health with a fairly wide scope. I would love to hear more from the community of practice and possibly connect one on one. Thank you everyone.

    Amanda Habiak


    1. Hello Amanda – my role as an OHN is mainly working in DM and I have had to be involved in minimal crisis support but usually more in reaching out to health care practitioners and resourcing community services that would be applicable to the situation.


    2. Hi Amanda,

      I work in the oil and gas setting primarily in a walk-in clinic setting, however we also do a significant amount of health promotion programs on site. Currently we are running a program called Not Myself Today- which is a program developed through the CMHA. You can look at their website for resources, or to see if this program might be a good initiative to run in your area.


  2. Critical Incident Stress Management:
    Hello everyone. I have another question . Has anyone completed their CISM Certification? If so, do you have any recommendations for courses offered in the Calgary Area. Thank you!


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