4 thoughts on “MISCELLANEOUS POSTS – SEPTEMBER 1 –August 31, 2019”

  1. Are there any other OHN’s applying to write their CNA certification exam this year? Is anyone interested in forming a study group or discussion group? Any recently certified nurses willing to lend their recent experience? Thank you!

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    1. I’m finishing my OHN courses this coming spring and am truly undecided about if Ill write the CNA exam.
      Does any of your employers require this certification? do they fund the exam over and above the funding you would normally get from them?


  2. Are there any legislations with regards to workers under 18 years of age and workplace drug testing and health surveillance tests. Are these workers treated like adults? Do they need consent from parents? Are test results then shared with just the worker or also with their parents?


  3. Hello Caroline,

    Yes, there is legislation with regards to individuals under the age of 18. For example, they can not work in manufacturing in Alberta, and so forth. You’d have to check your local/provincial legislation to see the age restrictions someone could be hired for with regards to a particular position. There can also be hour and time restrictions too. Then, with regards to the health assessment(s) that would depend on the situation as well. I hope this helps!


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