4 thoughts on “Communicable Diseases and Infection Diseases”

  1. Can you share if your company is doing temperature checks prior to employees coming on site. Also, who is doing the checks – security at gate/building entry?


    1. Hello, A few individuals have been reached out to and only one OHN(C) explained that AHS may be the only provider doing temperature checks at this time. However, there are other companies currently having these discussions. The biggest “challenge” is who would be completing the checks and the safety/health around that particular piece. For one company’s site, they do not have security onsite or a direct front entrance, which they explained was their challenge. They also would need to invest in touch-less thermometer(s), which they currently do not have and have to ensure proper handling/sanitization. If anyone else has any information that they’d like to share, please feel free to do so.


  2. Hello! Wanted to share a resource from ACOEM on workplace considerations for COVID-19. Its an american resouce.

    RE; workplace screening – We haven’t quite pulled the trigger but have a plan to possibly offer screening via a questionnaire and asking employees to perform a temperature check at home. A few challenges with on site temperature checks for us as outlined in the previous post.


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