Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As many know, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) an outbreak. Please see some resources below to assist with this matter. If you or your organization are working on any information, documents, or willing to share additional links/ideas with other Occupational Health Nurses, worldwide, please feel free to share here. We hope everyone is able to take all precautions necessary during this outbreak/epidemic as it continues.

World Health Organization:

Canadian Nurses Association:



American Association of Occupational Health Nurses:

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus (COVID-19).”

  1. Hello!
    Our organization has a web page that we direct our employees to:

    We also have recently implemented a travel suspension to 7 affected countries until September 2020 and have advised anyone who has recently traveled to those countries to self-isolate for 14 days from when they left the country. This is a bit above what AHS is recommending.

    We’re encouraging people to work from home where possible or else take sick leave while self isolating.

    Some good AHS resources that we reference often:
    AHS FAQ:

    This is also a neat COVID-19 tracker:

    Interested in hearing what other organizations are doing as well!


  2. I am wondering if any companies are (or going to be) using infrared cameras at their workplaces for temperature checking? Have you seen any research on which ones are more accurate?


    1. This comment is likely not going to assist you a month from your initial query- I work for Nutrien and we implemented temperature screening at our manufacturing site, utilizing FLIR cameras. (testing is completed by a contract co, which is not at all cost effective in long term). We decided that the risk was too great to use hand held thermometers for our operation. We are currently in the Process of procuring the Viper Imaging Detection System as a more cost effective, long term system system.
      I have not done a lot of research of my own as corporate was tasked with making this decision, and I didn’t have the time to spend 😦


  3. Does anyone know how OHNs can get the COVID-19 immunization? We are not part of AHS but I would consider us to be health care workers similar to ER nurses when we have a variety of people come through the first aid / OHN office.


    1. Hi Caroline,
      You could try and touch base with your zone Medical Officer of Health and ask. Probably would have to demonstrate equal or greater risk of acquiring covid through job duties compared with other AHS workers who are eligible.


    2. Hi Caroline,

      As an occupational health nurse I was offered the vaccine at the end of December (2020), as they called myself a couple of times to book a spot. I am uncertain how I ended up on a list, or which list though. I would suggest the same as Brendan has mentioned, to reach out to your zone Medical Officer. However, I do know that in Alberta, as the same in many, if not all provinces/territories, they are currently pending additional supplies of the vaccine(s) at this time. It is my understanding that they are now holding off on administering any new shots until more supplies of the vaccine(s) arrive. I hope you stay well!


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